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How will I know if the PC I'm using has GCALP?
Your client would have a gold medallion next to the "Store" button. Please refer to the image below.
Will I have access to newly released champions?
Yes you will! GCALP unlocks all champions, for free, for you to play.
Do my purchased boosts from the store stack with the GCALP XP boost?
Yes they do! So head to the nearest GCALP powered cafe and take advantage of the stack!
Can GCALP be installed at my home desktop?
No, you can only enjoy the benefits in a GCALP powered café. Refer to the café list above to find one near you.
Why am I receiving only a 25% boost when my friends in another café experience a 50% boost?
This is because cafes that have the 50% boost are current users of the G-Cafe Timer. If your café is not using this boost then you will experience a 25% boost.
What other benefits can I receive from GCALP?
We have a monthly scheduled 200% IP and XP boost that run through an entire weekend! We may have other benefits and promotions in the future so stay tuned!