We're giving another good reason why you should be playing in internet cafes! Introducing our new cafe partnership program - GCA LoL Premium.

Check out the different in-game benefits based on the type of cafe you're playing at

IP Boost

EXP Boost

Champs Unlocked
       +50% +100% All. Including new released champs
+25% +100% All. Including new released champs
+15% None Not applicable
: Cafes that have active GCA LoL Premium subscription
: Cafes that have G-Cafe Timer installed

Enjoy maximum benefits when playing in cafes that have both GCA LoL Premium and GCafe Timer!


How will my favorite cafe get this benefit?
Just tell your cafe owner to fill out this FORM and wait for our experts to contact them

How will I know which cafe has GCA LoL Premium?
Just look for this tarpaulin in a cafe

How do I get the benefits while playing in these cafes?
It will automatically be activated in your account. No need to do anything but play and enjoy

Will I get a chance to play new champions in GCA LoL Premium cafes?
Yes, newly released champions are also available

How will I know if I already have the benefit?
Just look for this logo on the upper right side of the client

If I go home after playing in the cafes, will I still get the benefit?
No. Only when playing in GCA LoL Premium cafes will the benefit be activated