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There are no tournaments currently scheduled for this area. Please check again next time or you can organize your own
Can I join a tournament outside my city?
Yes you can! For as long as your team has preregistered and make it to the cafe before onsite check-in which starts at 9:00AM.
Can I join multiple tournaments at the same time?
Yes you can! However see to it that you can simultaneously attend both tournaments as the venues are usually very far from each other.
How do I register for a tournament?
You will need to visit the specific tournament article and on the comment section, add your team name, contact details, name of your teammates plus their GUIDs.
Do I need to pay to compete in the tournament
Yes! You will either pay an entrance fee of 250 pesos OR pay the cafe PC rental fee.
Are pro players allowed to compete in the Elite Tournament
Pro players are not allowed to participate in this tournament.