Rampage 2016: King of the Hill Tournament
Posted on 07/16/2016 by LoL PH Admin

Rampage 2016 Presents: King of the Hill (new tournament)

KOTH is a type of tournament wherein 2 randomly selected teams from the registered pool fight, the winner of which becomes the "King". The "King" will then be defending against challengers, then if the challenging team wins, they will be the next "King" to be challenged next by the rest of the teams, and the cycle goes on.

Register for KOTH at Rampage 2016!


A team of 5 can register at the KOTH booth that can be found at the PC Cafe and Tech Zone at Rampage 2016. Registration period is on the opening of the event and is on a first-come-first-serve basis. A maximum of 15 participating teams can be registered. The 15 registered teams will be randomized, the first two teams on the list will be facing off and the winner will be the first King.

Registration Fee and Prize
Before a match begins, the challenging team and the "king" each contribute P500 to the pot. The winner of the game, thus the king; takes it all after the match. 

Game Format:
Game mode: Tournament draft - Summoner's rift
Summoner required level: 30
summoner required Tier: Any
Champions Banned: none

Who will be the King when Rampage 2016 ends? What awaits the King after Rampage 2016?