[SALES] Supernova - Jan 10 to 16
Posted on 01/09/2017 by LoL PH Admin

 Cosmos Series

Chapter II: Battle of the Supernova

January 10 to 16

The battle of darkness and light engulfed the universe. Who will reign as the Supernova? When will the captain arrive to bring peace to the cosmos? 

Guardians of light and the defenders of the great cosmic abyss are on sale at up to 60% OFF

Skin Original Price Discounted Price
Star Guardian Lux 250 125
Star Guardian Jinx 500 400
Star Guardian Poppy 250 175
Star Guardian Lulu 250 150
Star Guardian Janna 250 175
Dark Star Thresh 500 400
Dark Star Varus 250 175
Void Fizz 250 150
Void Bringer Illaoi 250 125
Eternum Rek'Sai 250 100

 Purchase legendary skins Dark Star Thresh and Star Guardian Jinx, discounted at 400 RP! 

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