Client Update: Low Spec Mode
Posted on 04/26/2017 by LoL PH Admin

Q: What is Low-Spec mode?
A: Low-Spec mode is a toggle in the updated client that allows players to turn off "optional" visual elements such as animated banners, transition animations, profile background animations and other visual effects (usually found between accepting a game to end-of-game screen) to increase performance in low-spec machines. Low-Spec mode also kills the client running in the background when playing the game to minimize CPU usage. After the game ends, the client boots back up (albeit slower than if it continued running) In our tests, we have seen this to improve in-game FPS in min to low-spec machines by up to 20 FPS.
Low-Spec mode also has the ability to auto-detect a player's machine spec and 1) automatically turn on low-spec mode for them with a notification (for min-spec and low-spec machines) 2) suggest they turn on it if they experience issues (for mid-spec machines)
Machine Classification
A machine is classified as low spec if ANY ONE of the following is true:
1) It is running Windows 2000/XP/Vista; or
2) It has less than 4 GB of physical memory; or
3) It has a single core processor; or
4) It has a less than 2GHz clock speed.
We classify Windows 2000/XP/Vista as low spec because GPU acceleration is disabled on those operating systems in Chromium based applications (like the new League Client) which severely impacts performance.
A machine is classified as high spec if ALL of the following are true:
1) It has at least 8GB of physical memory; and
2) It has 4 or more physical processor cores; and
3) It has at least a 3GHz clock speed.
Low Spec Mode Prompts
If we detect that a player has a low spec machine, we will a) automatically enable low-spec mode, and b) notify the user telling them that we have done so.
If we detect that a player has a medium spec machine, we will prompt them to choose whether they want to try low spec mode for increased performance and reduced visual fidelity.
If we detect that a player has a high spec machine, we won't be notifying them of the low-spec mode.
Q: How can I enable Low-Spec mode?
A: Low-Spec mode is accessible through the client settings at the top right of the screen.
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Q: What's in store for the future of Low-Spec mode?
A: Each patch, we continue to increase the jurisdiction of Low-Spec mode (putting more behind the toggle) to increase its benefit. We'll continue keeping a close eye on Low-Spec mode usage, sentiment, and effectiveness.