Piltover's Finest: Points Update - Aug 14
Posted on 08/14/2017 by eSports Team

As of August 14, 2017, here is the latest standing of the top 8 teams per region for the Piltover's Finest Tournament.

National Capital Region (NCR)
Team Name Placements Total Points
Wargods 1st 10
MerchX 2nd 5
Kinaz v3 3rd 3
Kinjaz v1 4th 3
SYRT3 5th 1
No Sweat 6th 1
Mx-2 7th 1
Panda Gaming 8th 1
North and Central Luzon
Team Name
Placements Total Points
Obnoxious Tied on 1st-2nd 10
GHUB Tied on 1st-2nd 10
The Comeback Tied on 3rd-4th 5
Rebirth Tied on 3rd-4th 5
The Loli Bears Tied on 5th-8th 3
Team Fongo Fongo #OGGWin Tied on 5th-8th 3
E-access Gaming Tied on 5th-8th 3
Xplicit Esports Tied on 5th-8th 3
South Luzon
Team Name Placements Total Points
Espionage 1st 11
Don Monching 2nd 10
Requiem S20 Esports 3rd 8
Virtual Zone Trident 4th 5
Back to School Tied on 5th-7th 3
Rage E-sports Tied on 5th-7th 3
Trinix Tied on 5th-7th 3
Acion Arena 8th 1
Team Name Placements Total Points
Redlyt 1st 10
BlackPink 2nd 5
Team Rising Tied on 3rd-4th 3
Dominate Esports Toed on 3rd-4th 3
Mafia XB Tied on 5th-6th 1
KSMG Tied on 5th-6th 1
Rise of Maute Tied on 5th-6th 1
CPU Golden Lions Tied on 5th-6th 1
Team Name Placements Total Points
Unknown2Own Tied on 1st-2nd 10
Magnet C-Link Tied on 1st-2nd 10
Magna Cow Tied on 3rd-4th 5
G7 Padin Tied on 3rd-4th 5
VSS Tied on 5th-8th 3
HDG (High Definition Gaming) Tied on 5th-8th 3
Anything Tied on 5th-8th 3
Ankol Gaming Tied on 5th-8th 3


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