Spookfest: Fright Night - Oct 16 to 22
Posted on 10/16/2017 by LoL PH Admin



With the cold mist of Harrowing creeps in this month of october, comes the awakening of the undead legacy. For a limited time, sets of Legacy harrowing skins with return from the crypts each week of the month.

Item Splash Art Price
Headmistress Fiora View Here 120
Kitty Cat Katarina View Here 200
Definitely Not Blitzcrank View Here 60
Lollipoppy View Here 200
Mundo Mundo View Here 60
Pirate Ryze View Here 200
Headmistress Fiora Chroma View Here 35 Each


You're cursed,
condemned to haunt the Black Mist for evermore...
Well, what were you expecting?!
There ain't no happy endings
when the Harrowing comes for you.
Right on cue...
Prepare yourselves, friends.
The Harrowing is here.

-  Tales of the Black Mist