Garena All-Star 2017 Announcement
Posted on 10/18/2017 by eSports Team


Mark your calendars now! The 2017 Garena All-Star will be coming back to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on November 20-26.

We are excited to announce that the GPL has earned a direct slot to the 2017 All Star Event (ASE) in Los Angeles as a result of the GPL’s strong competitive performance this year and placing within the top 8 regions at the 2017 World Championships.

Similar to last year’s Garena All-Star, the winning regional team of 2017 Garena All-Star will take the slot for ASE. Participants will be:

  • Vietnam(VCS A)
  • Thailand(TPL)
  • Philippines(PGS)
  • Malaysia(TLC)
  • Singapore(SLS)
  • Indonesia(LGS)

Read on to learn more about the upcoming Garena All-Star this winter.


Group Stage

Dates: November 20 - 23


  • 6 regional teams of pros as voted by fans
  • Bo1 double round robin
  • Top 4 teams will advance to Bo5 Semifinals with matchups determined by Group Stage results


Dates: November 25 - 26


  • Semifinals and Grand Finals
  • Bo5 single eliminations
  • Winning team will be qualified for 2017 ASE


â—‹   Fans from the six competing regions will vote for 1 player per position

â—‹   Three (3) pro players were chosen from each position (including sub) by qualified esports experts that will comprise the All-Star voting pool.

â—‹   Fans can only vote for pros in their region

â—‹   Up to 2 players per team

â—‹   Voting will open in late October. Stay tuned for more info

Location and Tickets: More information regarding venues and tickets will be available in the coming weeks, stay tuned!


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