Forger of Fate - Oct 27 to Nov 2
Posted on 10/26/2017 by LoL PH Admin

Ornn has arrived, joining the Legends as they battle out their fates in Summoner's Rift. This fiesty demigod is a renowned blacksmith of Runeterra, forging weapons, and adored by the elements. Ornn has hammered out magical chests from stone, steel and diamonds. With them, comes rare treasures and garments! 

Discover what the mighty blacksmith has forged for you.



1. What is "Forger of Fate" all about?
For a limited time only, stand a chance at unlocking a diverse range of items by purchasing special chests forged by Ornn, namely the Stone Chest, Steel Chest and Diamond Chest. 

Stone Chest Steel Chest Diamond Chest
20 to 100 Orange Essences 1 Random Skin (120 to 500 tier) 1 Random Skin (200 to 500 tier)
1 Random Summoner Icon 1 Random Champion 1 Random Champion
100 Blue Essence 1 Random Summoner Icon 1 Random Ward Skin
1 Bonus Chance Legendary/Ultimate Skin 100 Blue Essence 1 Random Summoner Icon
  1 Bonus Chance for another random skin 150 Orange Essence
  1 Bonus Chance for Ultimate Skin 200 Blue Essence
    1 Bonus Chance to get Random Skin (All tiers)
Purchase up to 10 X Purchase up to 2 X Purchase up to 2 X

2. How long does the event last?
The event starts at 15:00 on October 27th and ends at 23:59 on November 2nd. Make sure you don’t miss this out!

3. Is there a purchase limit for the chests? 
Yes. For steel and diamond chests, players can only purchase a max. of 2 chests for this event! While for stone chest, players can purchase this 10 times. Choose wisely, Summoners! 

4. Will all skins be available in the Forger of Fate?
No. Limited Skins, Reward skins and new skins that are launched in the past 3 months will not be available in any of the chests. But you can expect other rare skins to pop-up when you open the chests. 

5. How do I know if I have received the items?
Items will be transferred directly into your account. Alternatively, you can check the list of items that you have received in the "Transaction History“ section. 

6. Can I refund the chest after the transaction is completed?
Sorry, we do not have any refund option for this event. 

7. I do not see the items in my account after purchasing the chests. What should I do?
Please allow up to 5 minutes for items to be processed into your account. Do contact our customer support if you need further assistance.