Essence Emporium Now Live!
Posted on 11/08/2017 by LoL PH Admin


Welcome to the Essence Emporium! We've got gemstones, we've got emotes, we've got icons. Lots...of icons.

Hurry up and trade in your Blue Essence for these exciting items, as they will only be available until November 28! 

Store Item BE price
Mystery icons 1500 BE
Chromas 2000 BE
Mystery chibi icons 2500 BE
Mystery wards 4900 BE
Blue essence ward 6000 BE
Make it Rain blue essence emote 50k BE
Money bags blue essence emote 75k BE
Gemstone Knight Icon + Gemstone 50K BE
Gemstone Prince Icon + Gemstone 75k BE
Gemstone King Icon + Gemstone 100k BE
Urfwick (w/ IP Edition Border) 150k BE