All-Star 2017: SEA Team Substitution
Posted on 12/06/2017 by eSports Team

Due to unforeseen issues acquiring visas for some of the Vietnamese players selected for the Southeast Asia All-Star Team, the region will be making substitutions to their All-Star roster. Substitute players were chosen based on performance in the GPL All-Star Event (subject to their visa status, and travel availability.) 

Although we’re disappointed for the players unable to join the All-Star lineup, we welcome the new 2017 Southeast Asia All-Star roster, as follows:

  • Top: Jisu- from Ascension in Thailand (Replacing Hope)
  • Jungle: Levi- from GIGABYTE Marines in Vietnam
  • Mid: Patrick- from Bangkok Titans in Thailand (Replacing Naul)
  • ADC: Dantiz- from Impunity in Singapore (Replacing NoWay)
  • Support: Kra- from Sovereign in Singapore (Replacing Palette)
  • Coach: OMO- from Sovereign in Singapore (Replacing Tinikun)

Participants in the All-Star 1v1 Tournament will be:

  • Jisu
  • Levi