Payday Mystery Coupons - Dec 15 to 17
Posted on 12/15/2017 by LoL PH Admin

The Christmas rush never stops this Snowdown season! Get Payday Mystery Freebies on your shopping spree. Drop items to your cart and and encode the promo during check out! 

Promo Codes (expires on December 17, 11:59 PM)

CODE: MYSTERYEPIC - Get free Mystery Epic Skin when you purchase a minimum total of 500 RP worth of items. Limited to one use per account. 
CODE: MYSTERYCHAMP - Get free Mystery Champion when you purchase a minimum total of 60 RP worth of items. Limited to one use per account.
CODE: MYSTERYGIFT - Get a free Myserty Gift when you purchase a minimum total of 100 RP worth of item. Limited to one use per account.
- You can only apply one code for each check out. Payday Mystery Coupon codes will not stack.
- Legacy skins are currently not available in the shopping cart store. Available legacy skins are cucrrently in discounted rates in the client store. 



  • Go to
  • Login
  • Drop your items in the shopping cart.
  • You can select skins (for RP) and champions (in BE and RP).
  • Apply the promo code and get your discount/freebie! When purchasing a skin, make sure you own the champions, else the purchase will fail.



  • Pumunta sa
  • Mag-Login
  • Ihulog ang mga items sa shopping cart.
  • Makakapili ka sa seleksyon ng skins (mabibili gamit ang RP) at champions (mabibili gamit ang BE o RP). 
  • I-apply ang promo code upang makuha ang discount o freebie! Siguraduhing owned mo na ang champion bago mo bilhin ang skin, kundi maaring mag-fail ang purchase at hindi mo na magagamit at promo code. 

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