Win skins for as low as 1RP - Jan 19 to 25
Posted on 01/19/2018 by LoL PH Admin

The Card Master's Draw


1. What is "The Card Master's Draw" all about?

The Card Master's Draw is a card game hosted by Twisted Fate. A set of skins is laid upon you. Test your luck by placing your cards on your desired skin, and let destiny draw its way. Excess skin cards can be earned and collected to unlock skins of choice, as well as hextech loot materials. Draw your cards now! 


  • Please do not draw any of the skins you already own because you will not be able to receive identical skins. 
  • You need to own the champion before claiming the skin.
  • You can change your skin of choice by clicking on the "i" icon on the upper left side of the card 

2. Event duration?

Event runs from January 19th to 25th

3. How to play?

First, you must have cards to draw. You can buy (1 RP for 1 card) with the BUY CARDS button. After that, you will draw cards to earn skins. There are two ways to do so:

  • Draw cards on skin selection
    • Items under Skin Selections are in different card values depending on its skin tier.
    • You will draw cards of your desired skin.
    • If you get the lucky card, you receive the skin.
    • If you don't get lucky, you will earn a skin card for each card spent.
    • When a player wins a skin in Skin Selection, it will be replaced by a new skin.
    • NOTE: Extremely rare skins can appear in the single skin selection
  • Draw cards on skin tier collection
    • There are 4 tiers of skins. All of which have different cards value based on its quality and rarity.
    • You can look through the list of skins on each skin tier collection by clicking the "i" shaped icon in the upper left corner of each group.
    • You will draw cards of the selected skin tier.
    • If you get the lucky card, you can choose to redeem 1 skin in the tier.
    • If you don't get lucky, you will earn a skin card for each card spent.
    • NOTE: List of skins in the Skin Tier Selection is final.


4. How do I use skin cards?

You can still get your desired skin even if you don't have the lucky card. In SKIN CARD section, you will see your current collection of drawn cards, as well as skin tier collection skin cards, and the amount needed to redeem the corresponding skin. You can also use excess skin cards to redeem Orange Essence or Hextech Key. 

5. Is there a limit on how many cards I can buy?

Absolutely unlimited. Moreover, when you reach milestones, you will be rewarded with bonus cards:

200 10 10
500 25 35
1,000 50 85
1,500 75 160
2,000 100 260
3,000 150 410
4,000 200 610
5,000 250 860
7,000 350 1,210
10,000 500 1,710

6. Where can I see the items I've purchased?

You can check your transactions anytime through the History button

7. I haven't received the items in my account! What should I do?

It will take a few minutes for the items to appear in your account. Our system needs time to send items to your account. You may also manually resend your failed items through the "History" page. If you encounter any issues, please contact our customer support via

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