[SALES] Lunar Revel Legacy - Jan 29 to Feb 11
Posted on 01/29/2018 by LoL PH Admin


Honor the past and celebrate the future as the Lunar Revel Legacy begins now. Get these limited edition legacy skins on sale at up to 25% OFF. Items are available in the store until February 11 only. Stay tuned for more surprises this Lunar Revel season. Check out the list of skins below!


Item Splash Art Original Price Discounted Price
Lunar Wraith Caitlyn View Here 250 188
Lunar Wraith Morgana View Here 200 150
Dragonblade Riven View Here 250 188
Dragon Fist Lee Sin View Here 200 150
Guqin Sona View Here 200 150
Dragonblade Talon View Here 200 150
Jade Dragon Wukong View Here 200 150
Dragon Fist Lee Sin Chroma N/A 35 Each 20 Each


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