2018 Spring Split Bundles - Jan 29 to Feb 4
Posted on 01/29/2018 by LoL PH Admin


2018 Spring Split Bundles

Esports fans out there, 2018 Spring Split flexi bundles are now available until February 4. Match up your esports icons with these esports legacy skins and save up to 50% off!

Spring Split Top Bundle Spring Split Jungle Bundle Spring Split Mid Bundle
Max Price: 364 RP Max Price: 316 RP Max Price: 434 RP
Min Price:147 RP Min Price: 108 RP Min Price: 147 RP
TPA Shen SKT T1 Lee Sin SKT T1 Zed
Shen Lee SIn Zed
SSW Singed SKT T1 Jax TPA Orianna
Singed Jax Orianna
SKT T1 Olaf Fnatic Jarvan IV SKT T1 Syndra
Olaf Jarvan IV Syndra


Spring Split Marksman Bundle Spring Split Support Bundle
Max Price: 374 RP Max Price: 462 RP
Min Price: 132 RP Min Price: 171 RP
SKT T1 Vayne SSW Thresh
Vayne Thresh
TPA Ezreal Fnatic Janna
Ezreal Janna
SSW Twitch SKT T1 Nami
Twitch Nami


Check out the 2018 Spring Split summoner icons here!

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