Primordial Loop: Jan 31 to Feb 6
Posted on 01/31/2018 by LoL PH Admin

The Primordial Loop:

The ultimate and legendary hunt!

"The hunt is on."
- Pulsefire Caitlyn

Event period: January 31, 12 NOON to February 6, 11:59 PM

Adjust your sights and participate in Pulsefire Caitlyn's legendary hunt! Ready, Aim, Fire! 

English Mechanics

The game begins when you unlock a Legendary or Ultimate skin bundle. This will automatically trigger a FREE Mystery Gift! If you are lucky and that Mystery gift contains another Legendary or Ultimate, the primordial effect continues and you will receive yet another bonus Mystery Gift. The loops carries on again, and again, and again for each mystery legendary or ultimate skin your Mystery Gift lands on.


Tagalog Mechanics

Ang game ay magsisimula kapag ikaw ay bumili ng Legendary o Ultimate skin bundles. Ito ay magti-trigger ng bonus effect, at mabibigyan ka ng libreng Mystery Gift. Kung Legendary o Ultimate skin ang lumabas sa Mystery gift, patuloy kang makakatanggap ng libreng Mystery Skin sa kada Legendary o Ultimate skin na lumabas sa libreng Mystery Gift. 

* Legacy Legendary skins like Zombie Brand and Red Baron Corki, etc., are unlocked during the period of the event! 
* Legendary and Ultimate skins are non-refundable exclusively during the event duration.
* All champions that have legendary skins will be at 50% OFF when bought in the bundles. 

Dare to break the loop? 




Q: Nasaan na ang mga Legendary and Ultimate skins? I can't find them on the skins tab.
A: Lahat ng Legendary at Ultimate skins ay ililipat sa BUNDLES section ng store simula January 31, 12 noon time to February 6.  See below for reference:

Q: Can I refund the bundles+MG I have purchased?
A: Like always, you cannot refund bundles. The free mystery gift from this event is also nonrefundable.


Q: How long do I have to wait to receive the free Mystery Gift?
A: Automatic!! The purchase instantly comes with a free Mystery Gift. The freebie is included in the bundle.

Q: May mga Legendary skins na akong owned. Makukuha ko rin ba ang free MG?
A: No, the free MG only activates when a new legendary skin is unlocked during the event period.