Lion Dance Challenge - Feb 16 to 18
Posted on 02/13/2018 by LoL PH Admin


Celebrate Chinese New Year and groove to the Lion Dance together with your friends from Feb 16 to 18!



Event Mechanics:

  • Form a party of 5 Summoners.
  • Win 5 Normal Blind Pick games together with your friends.
  • Duration of the event is from February 16 to February 18.
  • If you complete the Lion Dance Challenge, you'll receive:





Do I need to team up with summoners on my Friends List?
  • You could team up with your summoner friends or you can invite other summoners to complete your team.
Can I play with an incomplete team to qualify for the challenge?
  • You have to play with five of your friends for your games to count. Playing Solo or starting a game with an incomplete party will not count.
Will Ranked games count?
  • No. Only wins from Normal Blind Pick will count to the 5-win challenge.
Do I need to win all five (5) games in one day?
  • No. You have three (3) days to complete the required wins for the challenge.
We started our game before 12 midnight feb 18 but we won that game past 12 midnight, will that game count?
  • That win will be counted. Games are counted for the day they were started (before 12 midnight), regardless if the game was extended to the next day.
I don't have the champion for the skin, will I still get my rewards?
  • Yes. Champion will be included as part of the reward.
What if I already have the skin will I get another reward?
  • No. If you already have the skin you will only get the Rising Dawn ward.
When will I get my rewards?
  • Rewards will be added into your accounts, not more than 15 working days after the event.