[SALES] #DuoGoals - Feb 14 to 20
Posted on 02/14/2018 by LoL PH Admin


Get you and your #duo matching skins, or why not get yourself two! Check out these #Duo champion skins on sale at 50% OFF. Promo runs from February 14 to 20 only. See discount rates below:

Item   Splash Art Original Price Discounted Price
Queen Ashe View Here 200 100
King Tryndamere View Here 60 30
Rogue Admiral Garen View Here 120 60
Iron Solari Leona View Here 200 100
Bloodstone Taric View Here 200 100
Ace of Spades Ezreal View Here 120 60
Super Teemo View Here 200 100
Rocket girl Tristana View Here 200 100


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