7th Anniversary Super Sale
Posted on 03/06/2018 by LoL PH Admin


LoL PH 7th Anniversary

The party has begun! This first quarter of 2018, we're celebrating the 7th year since the launch of League of Legends PH server. The community's dedication to the game has lead to making League of Legends one of the biggest games in the country. Check out what amazing surprises we have in-store for you!

Sa bente pesos mo ay magkaka-skin ka na! With over 80 (eighty) skins to choose from, you can now obtain a skin for an affordable price of 20 RP. 

Boom Boom Blitzcrank Golden Alistar Commando Lux Warrior Princess Sivir
Sherwood Forest Ashe Pre-Void Kassadin Commando Jarvan IV Samurai Yi
Sakura Karma Infernal Mordekaiser Commando Garen Caterpillar Kog'Maw
Tango Evelynn Bandito Fiddlesticks Commando Xin Zhao Giant Enemy Crabgot
Karate Kennen Desperada Cassiopeia Freljord Rammus Waterloo Miss Fortune
Aviator Irelia Hillbilly Gragas Thunder Lord Volibear  Bilgewater Swain
Shadow Evelynn Lumberjack Sion Frosted Ezreal Totemic Maokai
Enchanted Galio Sheriff Caitlyn Tundra Hunter Warwick French Maid Nidalee
Spectral Fiddlesticks Outback Renekton Atlantean Fizz Black Belt Udyr
Spooky Gangplank Mad Hatter Shaco Boneclaw Shyvana Bird of Prey Anivia
Siren Cassiopeia Dryad Soraka Earthrune Skarner Imperial Xin Zhao
Galactic Nasus Monarch Kog'Maw Loch Ness Cho'Gath Minuteman Gangplank
Royal Guard Fiora White Mage Veigar Myrmidon Pantheon Viridian Kayle
King Tryndamere Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate Undertaker Yorick Groovy Zilean
Royal Shaco Leprechaun Veigar Traditional Lee Sin Ravager Nocturne
Battle Regalia Poppy Crimson Elite Riven Battlecast Xerath Blast Zone Heimerdinger
Valkyrie Leona Hired Gun Graves Sewn Chaos Orianna Tango Twisted Fate
Marquis Vladimir Renegade Talon Sorceress Lux Assassin Master Yi
Shadow Prince Malzahar Buccaneer Tristana Prestigious LeBlanc Nightblade Irelia
Pharaoh Nasus Resistance Caitlyn Uncle Ryze Mercenary Katarina
Pharaoh Nidalee Chosen Master Yi Statue of Karthus Aristocrat Vayne
Gothic Orianna Commando Galio Woad Ashe Emumu

See some awesome in-game models below, that are surely worth the buy!


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