LoL 7th Anniversary In-game Challenge
Posted on 03/16/2018 by LoL PH Admin

Greetings Summoners! 

As part of our 7th Year Anniversary Celebration, we are giving away an Anniversary Bundle Reward
Play 3 PVP matchmaking games per day from March 17 - March 21

Play 3 PVP matchmaking games per day starting 12:01am of March 17 up to 11:59pm of March 21 and get the Anniversary Bundle which includes: 

  • 1 Leopard Nidalee
  • 1 Gentleman Poro Ward
  • 1 Mystery Emote
  • 1 Key Fragment
  • 1 Hextech Chest*
  • 250 Blue Essence
  • 1-Win XP Boost
Note: Games Started within the time period will be counted, not the end time. Crediting of rewards is 5-10 working days after the event.


*What are the covered game modes for this event?
 - Summoner's Rift Normal or Ranked, ARAM & Twisted Treeline
 - Custom Game and Coop VS AI will not count
 - Combined Game modes will also be counted eg. 2 Summoner's Rift Normal mode + 1 ARAM = 3 Games total
*What if i started the game at 11pm of March 16 and finished at 12:15 of March 17, will it count?
 - No. Game start time will be the basis if the game will count.
*Do Ineed to win the game for it to count?
 - No. You just need to play and finish the game.
*What if I don't have a Nidalee champion? Will I still be able to get the skin reward?
 - Yes. Champion Nidalee is included in the skin reward.
*The mechanics requires a total of 15 games played. Can I play all 15 games in 1 or 2 days? 
- No. You have to play 3 games per day in a span of 5 days.

*When will i get my rewards?
 - Rewards will be credited 5-10 working days after the event.

*What if I already have a Leopard Nidalee Skin?
- You will still get the bundle with the other 6 rewards. This also applies if you own the ward. 


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