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Posted on 03/31/2018 by LoL PH Admin


Soooooo hungry. Could really go for some fast casual dining. Hey, servers! What’s on the menu?

Pizza Delivery Sivir

Available March 30, 2018 at 11:00 PM
250 RP



Available March 30, 2018 at 11:00 PM
200 RP


Country-Fried Icons and Ward

Available March 30, 2018 at 11:00 PM – April 10, 2018 at 11:59 PM
35 RP each icon | 120 RP for ward
Also included in April Foods Yum Dum Supreme Sampler Set

Chef's Favorite Emotes

Available March 30, 2018 at 11:00 PM – April 10, 2018 at 11:59 PM
80 RP each or in Meme-motes Combo Set

Crispy 'N' Crunchy Chromas

Available March 30, 2018 at 11:00 PM
35RP each or sold as bundles


Pizza Delivery Sivir




Birdie Special

Available March 30, 2018 at 11:00 PM – April 10, 2018 at 11:59 PM


Birdie Capsule

119 RP

Get three 200+ RP skin shards, 36 Orange Essence, and a chance to obtain an event-only Birdie Bag, Gemstone, or Gemstone Skin—including the new Hextech Alistar. All 200+ RP skin shards have an equal chance of dropping. Limited and Mythic skins are excluded. Gemstone and Gemstone Skin drop rate multiplied by 1.5.

Grab a bundle of five for 595 RP and score a bonus random emote!

Birdie Bag

Random drop from Birdie Capsule

There’s a chance you’ll get this extra surprise with each Birdie Capsule. Birdie Bags contain a random, complete set of skin shards for over 60 skin lines such as Blood Moon, Star Guardian, and PROJECT. Skin lines have an equal chance of dropping. Limited and Mythic skins are excluded.


Mango Salsa Missions (Event-Only)

Available March 30, 2018 at 11:00 PM – April 3, 2018 at 14:59 PM

How About That Summoner Icon Play a PVP matchmade game with a
summoner icon equipped
BAWK BAWK Icon, 500 XP
A Beary Tall Order Deal 50,000 magic damage in one matchmade game as Volibear with Exhaust and Flash equipped at game start
200 Blue Essence, 500 XP
Best Team Comp in the World Win a five-person premade game with Shaco, Teemo,
Zoe, Tahm Kench, and Yasuo on your team
Win a PVP matchmade game
100 Orange Essence, 500 XP
Every Millisecond Counts Play a matchmade game for 621,000 milliseconds Hextech Chest, 500 XP
For All For One For All? Win a game of One for All
Get 13 Kills and/or Assists in One for All
300 Blue Essence


Rotating Game Mode Party Platter: One for All

Available March 30, 2018 at 11:00 PM – April 17, 2018 at 14:59 PM

One for All is back and it’s an all-you-can play buffet. Queue into a wacky and accelerated twist on Summoner’s Rift where you play the same champion as your teammates.


April Foods Map

Available March 30, 2018 at 11:00 PM – April 10, 2018 at 14:59 PM

We cooked up something strange in our experimental kitchen. For a limited time, get a tasting of April Foods around Summoner’s Rift, including special emote cameos from Pengu and Kitty that’ll exclusively auto-fire on First Blood and Ace (emotes not sold in store).

Happy Hour Deals

Available March 30, 2018 at 11:00 PM – April 10, 2018 at 14:59 PM

April Foods Yum Dum Supreme Sampler Set

440 RP (520 RP with champions)

  • Birdio
  • Pizza Delivery Sivir
  • April Foods Ward
  • Pizza Delivery Sivir Icon
  • Birdio Icon
  • Chicken on a Pizza Icon

Meme-motes Combo Set

200 RP

  • Tyrant Urf
  • Raise Your Dongers!
  • Draven Approves!

Meowkai Chroma Bundle with Side of Catnip

261 RP (301 RP with champion)

Dino Gnar Chroma Bundle with Rainbow Sprinkles

236 RP (336RP with champion)

Surprise Party Amumu Chroma Bundle for One

261 RP (281 RP with champion)

Moo Cow Alistar Chroma Bundle (Extra Beefy)

236 RP (256 RP with champion)

Definitely Not Securing Kills Bundle

310 RP (510 RP with champions)

  • Urf the Nami-tee
  • Order of the Banana Soraka
  • Definitely Not Blitzcrank
  • Urf Kench
  • Moo Cow Alistar

Definitely Not Split Pushing Bundle

445 RP (665 RP with champions)

  • Dino Gnar
  • Archduke Nasus
  • Definitely Not Udyr
  • Meowkai
  • Renektoy

Definitely Not ARAM Bundle

1349 RP (2671 RP with champions)

  • Fisherman Fizz
  • Definitely Not Vel’koz
  • Urfrider Corki

Definitely Not Team Fighting Bundle

285 RP (385 RP with champions)

  • Surprise Party Amumu
  • Pug’Maw
  • Super Kennen


What are the drop rates for each item in a Birdie Capsule?

  • All 200+ RP shards have an equal chance of dropping. Limited and Mythic skins are excluded.
  • With bad luck protection in play, gemstones drop at a rate of 5.4%, and you’ll never go more than 34 “chances” without getting a gemstone. There are three chances to score gemstones per Birdie Capsule.
  • Hextech skins have a 1 in 556 chance to drop from each Birdie Capsule.

Which skin lines can drop from a Birdie Bag?


Skin Line:

Champion Skin:

  Academy Ahri
Academy Darius
Academy Ekko
Academy Vladimir
Headmistress Fiora
Professor Ryze
Acrade: Battle Bosses  
  Final Boss Veigar
Battle Boss Brand
Battle Boss Malzahar
Battle Boss Ziggs
Battle Boss Blitzcrank
Arcade: Heroes  
  Arcade Ahri
Arcade Corki
Arcade Ezreal
Arcade Riven
Arcade Miss Fortune
Arcade Hecarim
Arcade Sona
  Arclight Yorick
Arclight Vel'Koz
Arclight Vayne
Arclight Varus
Arctic Ops  
  Arctic Ops Varus
Arctic Ops Gragas
Arctic Ops Kennen
Arctic Warfare Caitlyn
Northern Front Swain
Northern Storm Volibear
  Battlecast Alpha Skarner
Battlecast Prime Cho'gath
Battlecast Kog'maw
Battlecast Vel'koz
Creator Viktor
Battlecast Urgot
Battlecast Xerath
Resistance Illaoi
Resistance Caitlyn
Bilgewater: Burning Tides  
  Ironside Malphite
Captain Gangplank
Captain Fortune
Corsair Quinn
Rogue Admiral Garen
Sea Hunter Aatrox
Cutpurse Twisted Fate
Cutthroat Graves
Blood Moon  
  Blood Moon Diana
Blood Moon Jhin
Blood Moon Talon
Blood Moon Twisted Fate
Blood Moon Kennen
Blood Moon Yasuo
Blood Moon Zilean
Blood Moon Elise
Blood Moon Thresh
Blood Moon Kalista
Blood Moon Akali
Blood Moon Shen
  Challenger Ahri
Challenger Nidalee
  Cosmic Blade Master Yi
Cosmic Dawn Rakan
Cosmic Dusk Xayah
Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
  Cottontail Fizz
Cottontail Teemo
Culinary Masters  
  Baker Pantheon
Barbecue Leona
Butcher Olaf
Sashimi Akali
Master Chef Tahm Kench
Sinful Succulence Morgana
Dark Star  
  Dark Star Thresh
Dark Star Kha'zix
Dark Star Orianna
Dark Star Varus
Dark Star Jarvan IV
Death Blossom  
  Death Blossom Kha'zix
Death Blossom Elise
  Debonair Galio
Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Vi
Debonair Jayce
Dragon World  
  Dragon Trainer Tristana
Dragon Sorceress Zyra
Dragonslayer Xin Zhao
Dragonslayer Pantheon
Dragon Trainer Lulu
Dragon Master Swain
Dragonslayer Braum
Dragonslayer Vayne
Dragonslayer Jarvan IV
  Elderwood Leblanc
Elderwood Hecarim
Elderwood Bard
  Eternum Nocturne
Eternum Cassiopeia
Eternum Rek'sai
  Headhunter Akali
Headhunter Caitlyn
Headhunter Nidalee
Headhunter Rengar
Headhunter Master Yi
  Hextech Anivia
Hextech Galio
Hextech Janna
Hextech Singed
Hextech Sion
  High Noon Jhin
High Noon Yasuo
Sandscourge Skarner
High Noon Twisted Fate
Desperada Cassiopeia
Bandito Fiddlesticks
Cowgirl Miss Fortune
Longhorn Alistar
Sheriff Caitlyn
Sonoran Kog'Maw
  Ace of Spades Ezreal
King of Clubs Mordekaiser
Queen of Diamonds Syndra
Wild Card Shaco
Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate
  Justicar Aatrox
Justicar Syndra
  El Macho Mundo
El Tigre Braum
El Leon Gnar
El Rayo Volibear
Lunar Revel  
  Radiant Wukong
Lunar Empress Lux
Lunar Guardian Nasus
Lunar Guardian Warwick
Lunar Wraith Caitlyn
Lunar Goddess Diana
Jade Fang Cassiopeia
Guqin Sona
Jade Dragon Wukong
Dragon Fist Lee Sin
Lunar Wraith Morgana
Lunar Revel: Firecracker  
  Firecracker Jinx
Dragonwing Corki
Panda Annie
Lunar Revel: Warring Kingdoms  
  Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV
Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao
Dragonblade Riven
Warring Kingdoms Azir
Warring Kingdoms Garen
Warring Kingdoms Vi
Warring Kingdoms Katarina
Warring Kingdoms Nidalee
Dragonblade Talon
Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere
  Mafia Jinx
Mafia Graves
Mafia Miss Fortune
Gangster Twitch
  Marauder Alistar
Marauder Olaf
Marauder Ashe
Marauder Warwick
  Mecha Zero Sion
Mecha Rengar
Mecha Aatrox
Mecha Malphite
Mecha Kha'zix
Omega Squad  
  Omega Squad Teemo
Omega Squad Fizz
Omega Squad Tristana
Omega Squad Twitch
Omega Squad Veigar
Order of the Lotus  
  Order of the Lotus Irelia
Order of the Lotus Karma
  Pentakill Kayle
Pentakill Olaf
Pentakill Karthus
Pentakill Yorick
Pentakill Mordekaiser
Pentakill Sona
Piltover Customs  
  Piltover Customs Blitzcrank
Piltover Customs Heimerdinger
Hot Rod Corki
Pool Party  
  Pool Party Fiora
Pool Party Miss Fortune
Pool Party Taric
Pool Party Lulu
Pool Party Rek'sai
Pool Party Zac
Pool Party Graves
Pool Party Ziggs
Pool Party Draven
Pool Party Mundo
Pool Party Lee Sin
Pool Party Leona
Pool Party Renekton
Surfer Singed
Prehistoric Hunters  
  Beast Hunter Draven
Beast Hunter Sejuani
Beast Hunter Tryndamere
Prehistoric Anivia
Prehistoric Cho'Gath
Prehistoric Renekton
  Program Camille
Program Lissandra
Program Soraka
  PROJECT: Vayne
PROJECT: Katarina
  Pulsefire Ezreal
Pulsefire Caitlyn
Rift Quest  
  Bard Bard
Jayce the Bright Hammer
Karthus Lightsbane
Sejuani Dawnchaser
Braum Lionheart
Gragas Caskbreaker
Ryze Whitebeard
Varus Swiftbolt
Rugged Garen
Veigar Greybeard
Snow Day  
  Snow Day Bard
Snow Day Graves
Snow Day Syndra
Snow Day Gnar
Snow Day Malzahar
Snow Day Singed
Snow Day Ziggs
Snowdown Showdown  
  Ambitious Elf Jinx
Santa Braum
Santa Draven
Bad Santa Veigar
Candy Cane Miss Fortune
Earnest Elf Tristana
Festive Maokai
Happy Elf Teemo
Mistletoe Leblanc
Old Saint Zilean
Re-Gifted Amumu
Reindeer Kog'Maw
Santa Gragas
Silent Night Sona
Slay Belle Katarina
Snow Bunny Nidalee
Workshop Nunu
Soccer Cup  
  All-Star Akali
Goalkeeper Blitzcrank
Goalkeeper Maokai
Red Card Katarina
Red Card Twisted Fate
Striker Ezreal
Striker Lucian
Superfan Gragas
Sweeper Alistar
Star Guardian Season 1  
  Star Guardian Jinx
Star Guardian Janna
Star Guardian Lulu
Star Guardan Poppy
Star Guardian Lux
Star Guardian Season 2  
  Star Guardian Ahri
Star Guardian Ezreal
Star Guardian Miss Fortune
Star Guardian Soraka
Star Guardian Syndra
Sugar Rush  
  Candy King Ivern
Bittersweet Lulu
Dark Candy Fiddlesticks
Super Galaxy  
  Super Galaxy Rumble
Super Galaxy Annie
Super Galaxy Elise
Super Galaxy Gnar
Super Galaxy Nidalee
Super Galaxy Fizz
Super Galaxy Kindred
Super Galaxy Shyvana
Thunder Lord  
  Thunder Lord Ornn
Thunder Lord Volibear
Toy Box  
  Ragdoll Poppy
Toy Soldier Gangplank
  Vandal Brand
Vandal Gragas
Vandal Jax
Vandal Twitch
Vandal Vladimir
  Warden Jax
Warden Karma
Warden Nautilus
Warden Sivir
Winter Sports  
  Ice Toboggan Corki
Curling Veigar
Festival Kassadin
The Mighty Jax
Whistler Village Twitch
Winter Wonder  
  Snow Fawn Poppy
Winter Wonder Karma
Winter Wonder Lulu
Poro Rider Sejuani
Snowstorm Sivir
Winter Wonder Orianna
World Champions: 2011  
  Fnatic Corki
Fnatic Gragas
Fnatic Janna
Fnatic Jarvan IV
Fnatic Karthus
World Champions: 2012  
  TPA Ezreal
TPA Mundo
TPA Nunu
TPA Orianna
TPA Shen
World Champions: 2013  
  SKT T1 Jax
SKT T1 Lee Sin
SKT T1 Vayne
SKT T1 Zed
SKT T1 Zyra
World Champions: 2014  
  SSW Rengar
SSW Singed
SSW Talon
SSW Thresh
SSW Twitch
  SKT T1 Alistar
SKT T1 Azir
SKT T1 Elise
SKT T1 Kalista
SKT T1 Renekton
SKT T1 Ryze
World Champions: 2016  
  SKT Ekko
SKT Jhin
SKT Nami
SKT Olaf
SKT Syndra
World Championship  
  Championship Ashe
Championship Kalista
Championship Riven 2016
Championship Shyvana
Championship Thresh
Championship Zed
World Breaker  
  Worldbreaker Hecarim
Worldbreaker Nasus
Worldbreaker Nautilus
Worldbreaker Trundle
Sun Goddess Karma
  Heartseeker Lucian
Heartseeker Orianna
Heartseeker Varus
Heartseeker Ashe
Heartseeker Quinn
Sweetheart Annie
Sweetheart Sona