[SALES] Status Henchmen - Apr 9 to 15
Posted on 04/06/2018 by LoL PH Admin

Stratus Henchmen

They lifted their eyes as dawn arrived. The mist parted over the sea, and their ancient protector rose, glowing with forgotten energy, lance at the ready. Lancer Stratus Wukong has risen.

Get these Stratus Henchmen on sale at 30% OFF from April 9 to 16. See the list of skins below: 

Item Splash Art

Original Price

Discounted Price
King of Clubs Mordekaiser View Here 120 84
Arclight Vayne View Here 200 140
Arclight Varus View Here 200 140
Steel Legion Lux View Here 200 140
Valkyrie Leona View Here 60 42
Thunder Lord Volibear View Here 60 42
Justicar Aatrox View Here 200 140


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