Amazing April Skins and Bundles - Until May 2
Posted on 04/18/2018 by LoL PH Admin


We're turning up the heat this summer with these amazing skins and bundles, now on sale! Save up to 68% OFF on stunning selections for two straight weeks. Check out the list of items on sale:

 Discounted Skins:

Item Splash Art Original Price Discounted Price
Mafia Jinx View Here 200 140
Battle Bunny Riven View Here 200 140
Gragas, Esq. View Here 200 120
Candy King Ivern View Here 250 150
Imperial Lux View Here 200 120
Elderwood Hecarim View Here 250 150
Rumble in the Jungle View Here 200 120
Pentakill Olaf View Here 200 110
Officer Caitlyn View Here 200 110
Atlantean Syndra View Here 200 110
Armor of the fifth Age Taric View Here 200 110
Special Weapon Zac View Here 200 110
Big Bad Warwick View Here 60 50
Hot Rod Corki View Here 60 50
Noxus Poppy View Here 60 50
Abyssal Nautilus View Here 200 65
Full Machine Viktor View Here 200 65
Blood Knight Hecarim View Here 200 65
Divine Soraka View Here 200 65
Augmented Singed View Here 200 65

Discounted Bundles**:


Amazing April: Dream Team Bundle Amazing April: Legacy Bundle Amazing April: Crowd Control Bundle
Price with champ: 680 RP
Price without champ: 500 RP
Price with champ: 176 RP
Price without champ: 126 RP
Price with champ: 500 RP
Price without champ: 360 RP
Pentakill Olaf Big Bad Warwick Mafia Jinx
Officer Caitlyn Hot Rod Corki Battle Bunny Riven
Atlantean Syndra Noxus Poppy Augmented Singed
Armor of the fifth Age Taric Warwick Overlord Malzahar
Special Weapon Zac Corki Jinx
Olaf Poppy Riven
Caitlyn   Singed 
Syndra   Malzahar 

*Bundles are Flexi. Price will adjust depending on the number of items you own. Minimum RP purchase applies.