[SALES] May Mania - May 3 to 16
Posted on 05/03/2018 by LoL PH Admin


We're turning up the heat this summer with these amazing skins, champions and bundles, now on sale! Save up to 68% OFF on stunning selections for two straight weeks. Additionally, we'll be having champions on sale every week! Check out the list of items on sale:

Discounted Skins:

Item Splash Art Original Price Discounted Price
Popstar Ahri View Here 200 140
Arcade Ezreal View Here 250 175
Elderwood Leblanc View Here 250 150
Cutthroat Graves View Here 120 72
Bloodstone Lissandra View Here 200 120
Worldbreaker Nautilus View Here 120 72
Dark Crystal Ryze View Here 200 120
Bladecraft Orianna View Here 200 110
Infernal Alistar View Here 200 110
Project: Fiora View Here 250 138
Order of the Lotus Karma View Here 200 110
Battlecast Kog'maw View Here 250 135
Major Ziggs View Here 200 160
Spectacular Sivir View Here 120 96
Safari Caitlyn View Here 120 96
Cutpurse Twisted Fate View Here 120 40
Full Metal Rammus View Here 200 80
Frost Queen Janna View Here 200 80
Prehistoric Anivia View Here 120 40
Officer Vi View Here 200 80


Discounted Bundle:

May Mania: Legacy Bundle
Price with champ: 408 RP
Price without champ: 308 RP
Major Ziggs
Spectacular Sivir
Safari Caitlyn

*Bundles are Flexi. Price will adjust depending on the number of items you own. Minimum RP purchase applies.