Blood Moon Buy 1 Get 1 Promo - May 11 to 15
Posted on 05/10/2018 by LoL PH Admin


The Blood Moon rises once again. Get a FREE Mystery skin valued at 60 RP to 900 RP when you purchase *any Blood Moon skin in the bundles tab. Promo runs from May 11 (11:59AM) to May 15 (11:59AM)

Item Splash Art Skin + MG Skin + 50% OFF Champ + MG
Blood Moon Shen Set View Here 120 150
Blood Moon Akali Set View Here 200 230
Blood Moon Kalista Set View Here 200 300
Blood Moon Thresh Set View Here 200 250
Blood Moon Elise Set View Here 200 250
Blood Moon Zilean Set View Here 200 220
Blood Moon Kennen Set View Here 200 240
Blood Moon Yasuo Set View Here 200 250
Blood Moon Diana Set View Here 250 290
Blood Moon Talon Set View Here 250 290
Blood Moon Jhin Set View Here 250 350
Blood Moon Twisted Fate Set View Here 250 290

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Q: Nasaan na ang mga  Blood Moon Skins? I can't find them on the skins tab.
A: Lahat ng Blood Moon skins ay ililipat sa BUNDLES section ng store simula May 11 (11:59AM) to May 15 (11:59AM). *Excluded ang new released skin na Blood Moon Evelynn. 


Q: Can I refund the bundles+MG I have purchased?
A: Like always, you cannot refund bundles. The free mystery gift from this event is also nonrefundable.


Q: How long do I have to wait to receive the free Mystery Skin?
A: Automatic! The purchase instantly comes with a free Mystery Skin. The freebie is included in the bundle.

Q: What are the skins I can receive?
A: Any skin valued at 60 RP to 900 RP can be rewarded to your account. You can only get a mystery skin of a champion that you already own. If you already own all Mystery skins, there will no other reward available.  Mystery skin conditions apply.