[SALES] May Mania - May 17 to 30
Posted on 05/16/2018 by LoL PH Admin


The May Mania fever continues with a new set of skins and champions on sale! Get your gear on and save up to 67% OFF on stunning selections for two straight weeks. Additionally, we'll be having champions on sale every week! Check out the list of items on sale:

Discounted Skins:

Item Splash Art Original Price Discounted Price
Deep Terror Thresh View Here 200 140
Super Galaxy Fizz View Here 250 175
Rageborn Mundo View Here 200 120
Overlord Malzahar View Here 200 120
Arctic Ops Kennen View Here 200 120
Bard Bard View Here 120 72
Death Blossom Elise View Here 200 120
Hired Gun Lucian View Here 200 110
Panda Annie View Here 200 110
Guardian of the Sands Rammus View Here 200 110
Haunted Zyra View Here 250 138
Sultan Gangplank View Here 200 110
Stinger Akali View Here 60 48
Secret Agent Miss Fortune View Here 200 160
Longhorn Alistar View Here 60 48
Dark Valkyrie Diana View Here 200 80
Wildfire Zyra View Here 250 125
Queen of Diamonds Syndra View Here 120 40
Pentakill Karthus View Here 120 40
Full Metal Pantheon View Here 200 80

Discounted Bundle:

*Bundles are Flexi. Price will adjust depending on the number of items you own. Minimum RP purchase applies

May Mania: Legacy Bundle
304 RP - With Champions
224 RP - Without Champions
Stinger Akali
Secret Agent Miss Fortune
Longhorn Alistar
Miss Fortune


Discounted Champions (May 17 to 20) 

Item Splash Art Original Price Discounted Price
Pantheon View Here 80 40
Caitlyn View Here 80 40
Ziggs View Here 60 30
Ivern View Here 40 20


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