Honorable Wandering Champions 2018
Posted on 06/05/2018 by LoL PH Admin


Be a winner for simply and casually being the best looking cosplayers roaming around the event halls! The event incentive is eligible for both Day 1 and Day 2!


  • 500 RP

  • A Random Classic Chroma Pack Champion Skin


  1. Simply go to the Cosplayers Lounge located at the 2nd Floor of the MOA Arena on August 18 and 19 2018

*It is important that you wear your costume with you on the line. If you don’t wear it, you will not be considered as a participant. There will be 2 dedicated comfort rooms for cosplayers

  1. Your costume will be verified to see if you are allowed to join the event incentive (HWC). Answer the form so we can determine your UID and personal info.  Further instructions will be provided by our staff after submitting the form.

  2. Registration is strictly only up until 2PM. After the said time, you won’t be able to register or join the event.


  • Cosplayers will need to pay for their own tickets.

  • Must be League of Legends Character and theme only

  • Cosplay Clash Cosplayers are not be eligible for this event incentive.

  • Cosplayers can receive as much as 1000 RP if they register again on Day 2 wearing the same costume. If you have a different one, the better.

  • “Accessory Type of Cosplaying” are not allowed to register (ex. Teemo Hat only, Garen Sword in a casual attire, lowcost Cosplays such as recycled bottles for Yi Mask, Cat ears to portray Ahri, no make up registrants)

  • There will be a spot in the 2nd Floor Lobby dedicated for people to take pictures with the Cosplayers.

  • Make sure to remember your Garena UID, you will need to register the account ID in the form. RP incentives will be inserted in your account 5-7 business days after the event

  • Officer in charge’s decision for “Qualification for a Cosplay Legitimacy” is final


  • Accuracy - We will be checking on how close your costume, hair, makeup and props until the very tiniest details are to the character you’re cosplaying as.

  • Presentation - The goal is to look as close as possible as your character, this includes poses, and body motions. Be the Character.

  • Proportion - We want our character to be as fit as the character you are cosplaying. This is for the Size Ratio of the Character and the Cosplayer.

  • Craftsmanship / Quality - We look at the stitching, materials used and fit, and whether if your costume is handmade or store bought. Handmade costume is a plus.


  1. All cosplayers (except the 20 Cosplay Clash Representatives) should each have their own tickets.

  2. Cosplay weapons, arms and other related sharp props should be in a soft material, metal parts of the costumes should not be sharp.All items tagged as dangerous/hazardous/lethal by the event marshals/staff/volunteers should be surrendered to them.

  3. Practice decency, cosplayers should make sure their private parts are well covered and secured.

  4. No food and drinks allowed inside the MOA Arena. Food Stalls are available in the 2nd Floor

  5. Garena and MOA Arena are not liable in any lost costumes or personal belongings.

Disclaimer: Honorable Wandering Champion mechanics are subject to change without notice