All Star Event 2018
Posted on 12/03/2018 by LoL PH Admin

It’s All-Star time. Our final event of the year is back and reformulated to be a celebration of everything fans love about League: the game, the competition, and the community. With 32 pro players and 40 guests participating in the event, here’s everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the ultimate All-Star Experience.



December 7-9 | 8AM SGT

Esports Arena, Las Vegas





A veteran of the NA LCS, Doublelift has found consistent domestic success regardless of the team around him. His team has won the last three NA LCS splits, he's tied for the most career NA LCS titles, and recently took home the award for 2018 Summer Split MVP.



Known as much for his memes as he is for his consistent international performance, Sneaky is the rock for Cloud 9. If you think his gameplay is good, you should see his cosplay.



Licorice joined the C9 roster in Spring and came out swinging. He took home rookie of the split in Spring, 3rd place in the MVP vote in Summer, and established himself as a crucial component of C9's success, both domestically and internationally.



  • imaqtpie

  • Voyboy

  • Shiphtur

  • Hai

  • BunnyFuFuu

  • NightBlue3

  • Luxxbunny




Fnatic’s venerable mid lane star hardly needs an introduction. Baby Faker’s team conquered both 2018 EU splits, he nabbed the 2018 Summer Split MVP award, took down NA during the 2018 Rift Rivals, and was the first European team to make Worlds Finals since Season 1.



Broxah rose from Fnatic’s Academy squad to global greatness, and since his pro debut, he’s demonstrated why. The Danish powerhouse is renowned for his Lee Sin play, his hyper aggressiveness, and his ability to adapt to every meta.



The Italian Stallion has quickly become one of EU’s top mid laners to watch. Team Vitality’s Jizuke was the first Italian to compete in the European league and completely embodies the spirit of his team. Watchout out for his trademark Ryze and pocket pick Ekko.  



  • Wickd

  • NoWay

  • GoB GG

  • Alexelcapo

  • Gripex




2018 has been a year of firsts for the LPL's most iconic player and reigning All-Star 1v1 Champion. Not only did Uzi take home the LPL championship for the first time, he led his team to international wins at Rift Rivals, MSI, and the Asian Games.



You’re never safe in your own jungle if MLXG is on the Rift. Known for his predatory, hyper-aggressive play style, he has established himself as one of the most feared players in the LPL.



The LPL's favorite import: Rookie was seen as a very stable, consistent player when he joined the league in 2015. With IG's win at Worlds this year, however, Rookie has established himself as one of the best players in the world and brought the title of World Champion to the LPL for the first time.



  • 罗云熙 (Luo Yunxi)

  • 官总(Guan Zong)

  • 节奏 (JieZou)

  • 神超(Godlike)

  • 周淑怡(Zhou Shuyi)

  • 骚男(Sao Nan)

  • 爱萝莉 (Fireloli)



He needs no intro. By far the most storied name in global esports, Faker has built a dominant career by winning six LCK splits, three World Championships and two MSIs.



When you’re on a team with Faker, the expectations are high. Since 2014, Bang has met those expectations, establishing himself as one of the best team-fighting ADCs in the world, knowing when he needs to step up and carry, and when he needs to stay safe and support his team.  



Aggression with a smile. Known for pressuring, outplaying, and overwhelming his opponents-- and laughing while doing it. Don’t challenge him to a smite fight.



  • Watch

  • Madlife

  • Captain Jack

  • Shy

  • Bitdory




Dumbledoge is one of the most iconic names in TCL, know for smashing the preconceptions of the support role with odd picks and aggressive play. Dumbledoge has been on the TCL (and international) stage for four years, and continues to chase titles with his top-tier performance.


Broken Blade

Broken Blade has raised the bar for individual talent in the TCL to an entirely new level. Although he has no title to his name, he has managed to become a fan favorite and rising star in the league based on his individual talent and potential.



  • Immortoru

  • KFCEatbox



The greatest Brazilian player of all time. Famous for his Draven, Twitch and Kalista, he has a drive to win it all and to make his name known worldwide. He has 4 CBLoL titles to his name.



He’s come a long way from his Zilean/Morgana days. While his 2018 season was a tumultuous one, his “hero’s return” to the league made him a fan favorite. If you hear the words “vem pro pai” watch out for Rakin.



  • YoDa

  • Jukes




One of the best mid laners of VCS in 2018, with an aggressive playstyle and the ability to handle any situation intelligently. His favourite champions are Ryze, Irelia and Yasuo.



In just a short year, PVB Zeros has instantly become one of the top top laners in VCS and played on the Worlds stage. He is known for his aggressive playstyle, and impressive mechanics.



  • QTV

  • Misthy




Maple has an established reputation as the best mid-laner in LMS for several years running. He had lead Flash Wolves to every LMS championship title during 2016 to 2018.



The Fizz and TF legend. The Solo queue god. The solo kill master. Westdoor has been an LMS legend since 2012 and continues to be the face of AHQ.



  • NL

  • Bebe



Don’t call him an underdog. G4 has no fear against other mid laners even on international stages. He has consistently been the leader on his team, and has been the best mid in Thailand for several years with no contention.



A rising rookie top laner known for his split push bruiser play style. Since Rockky entered the Thai Pro scene, he has been on the rise and makes a strong case for best top laner in Thailand.



  • Riku



The best jungler in Latam South is also the most vocal and passionate player in the region. He always finds ways to empower and inspire his team.



Consistency is the name for Plugo. He is the cornerstone of Kaos Latin Gamers, consistently leading them to the international stage, including the last MSI and All-Star and the last two World Championships.



  • Capri

  • Lastpick



Considered by most the best Latin American player to ever play the game, he has won everything locally with both Lyon Gaming and Rainbow7. His mechanics are outstanding and his consistency is what separates him from his peers.



The peruvian support is one of the most recognized and experienced players in Latin America. His leadership played an essential role in the first years of Lyon Gaming, when they performed greatly at international events. Now with a new team, after a solid performance at Worlds, he's trying to lead 4 rookies into greatness with Infinity Esports.



  • Reubenmaster

  • Ness



The king of the LCL. Kira has won the CIS premier league eight times with four different organisations and was a key component in the ANX miracle run at Worlds 2016. After missing last year’s event, the two-time LCL MVP will make his triumphant return to All-Star.



One of the most recognizable faces in Lol esports, Diamondprox became a star back in 2012 as one of the key innovators in jungling. In yet another All-Star showing, he's ready to show to the entire world once again, that Diamondprox is still around.



  • FlashInTheNight




Evi is DFM’s star player, and often considered the best top laner in LJL. He’s a top player on both KR and JP server, and is known for his Camille and Tahm Kench pocket picks- known by his fans as Eville and Evikench.



If you’re up against Ceros, be prepared for weird. Ceros is known for his unusual champion pool, as well as his impressive mechanics. Two words: Ban Heimer.



  • Sutanmi




Triple is one of OCE’s superstar mid laners known for his iconic plays on carries like Azir and Syndra as well as more team oriented picks like Karma. Under the Dire Wolves, he’s won 2 OPL splits, Rift Rivals 2018, and more recently League of Origin in Team NSW. He also competed in Worlds and MSI 2018.



Pabu made his OPL debut in 2017 playing for Abyss and later Avant Gaming. He had stand out performances in the recent League of Origin event, including a Quadra kill on Poppy. He’s known for both colourful hair and colorful picks including Pyke top lane.



  • Midbeast

Plus keep your eyes open for other surprise hosts, interviewers, and special guests throughout the event such as Worlds Finals MVP Ning, LPL Host Candice, North American streamer Tyler1, and more!



1v1 tournament

All 32 pros will compete in our annual All-Star 1v1 tournament. Can anyone take down the back-to-back 1v1 champion, Uzi, and take home the Draven axe?


Charity 2v2 tournament

16 pros will be paired up with a special guest from their region to compete together in the charity 2v2 tournament. The winning pair will awarded a donation to a charity of their choice (with guidance from the Riot Karma initiative).


East vs West Showdown

A three match set featuring rotating rosters of pro players, to answer the question on everyone’s mind: Is the gap really closing? P.S. Watch out for a surprise ending.


Regional Rivalry Show Matches

An All-Star twist on some of esports most established global rivalries.


NA vs EU


KR vs CN


Mixed Team Alternate Modes

A.K.A THE FUN MODES. Pros and League Partners will participate in alternate game modes throughout the event, from old favorites like tandem mode and URF to new experiences like the freshly revamped Nexus Blitz 2.0.