The Fortune Arcade Returns!
Posted on 01/04/2019 by LoL PH Admin

It is shopping time with an arcade infused twist - the Fortune Arcade has returned! From now until 11:59 PM, 10 Jan, roll your RP to get a chance to win skins and hextech loot items!


Here’s how it works:


  • You will be randomly selected for the Normal Zone or the VIP Zone

  • Once you enter Fortune Arcade, a pool of skins will appear. You can roll your RP for a chance to win a permanent skin depending on the percentage written on the bar. The minimum reward you will receive is either a Hextech Key Fragment or Blue Essences.

  • There will be a set guarantee roll for a permanent skin, so in case you don't get it on the first roll, keep rolling!

  • Open your client and check the Mystery Deals tab to find out!