2019 Season Start Sale
Posted on 01/21/2019 by LoL PH Admin

The new Ranked 2019 season starts soon! To help get you started this year, we’re bringing you an accessories sale - grab rune pages, xp boosts, ward skins, icons, or a new summoner name (new year new you) all at half price!



From now until 27 January 2019, 11:59 PM, enjoy the following items all at 50% off:


2 Additional Rune Pages (for the price of 1)

7 Days XP boost

1 Day XP boost

40 Wins XP Boost

25 Wins XP Boost

15 Wins XP Boost

10 Wins XP Boost

5 Wins XP Boost

3 Wins XP Boost

Summoner Name Change

All Ward Skins*

All Icons*

*Excluding Unavailable, Limited, Reward, Legacy, and eSports accessories


Good luck with your Season 9 climb! Remember that ranked rewards this year will be distributed on a slightly different system compared to previous years - for more information you can visit here.