Season 2019 Starts Now!
Posted on 01/24/2019 by LoL PH Admin

Season 2019 starts now! The new and improved Ranked is live - check out what’s changed with the new system, including the three-split season, new rewards and ways to show off your rank, and more.


Big things are happening in 2019. Click here for daily videos and the first details on what’s coming next for champions, skins, events, game modes, esports, and the extended League Universe.


Finally, there’s a slew of missions available right now to kick off your season:


Start Your Season

Play a 5v5 PvP matchmade game to unlock the Season 2019 Commemorative Icon.

Pursuit (matchmade only)

  • Play 3 games of Ranked Summoner’s Rift, OR

  • Win 3 games in any matchmade queue

Reward: 400 BE


Mastery (PVP matchmade only)

  • Deal 120,000 damage to enemy champions, OR

  • Heal 30,000 damage

Reward: 400 BE


Unity (PVP matchmade only)

  • Play 2 games with a pre-made team of any size, OR

  • Win 3 games of SR in under 27 minutes

Reward: 400 BE


Completing each of these unlocks another mission:

Glory (PVP matchmade only)

  • Get 100 kills or assists

Reward: 600 BE


Revenge (PVP matchmade only)

  • Win a game where your team gets first blood, AND

  • Win a game where your team gets first tower

Reward: 600 BE


Thrill (matchmade only)

  • As a team, defeat the Baron, AND

  • As a team, kill 2 Dragons in the same game

Reward: 600 BE

All missions are available starting with Patch 9.2 through 3:59 PM February 5. See you on the Rift!