Uncle Tahm's Top Up Promo
Posted on 02/07/2019 by LoL PH Admin

Greetings Summoners!

Uncle Tahm Kench is here with an awesome cumulative promotion featuring random bonus worth up to 55% in bonus RP value! While you won’t be able to devour these bonus skins you can surely add them to your collection!

From 11:00 AM, 7th February until 11:59 PM, 10th February, top up and receive a random skin from 5 different skin series: Commando, Worldbreaker, Guardian of the Sands, Cosmic, and VS!

Please refer to the graphic below for more details:


Commando: Xin Zhao, Garen, Lux, Jarvan IV, Galio

Worldbreaker: Hecarim, Nasus, Nautilus, Trundle

Guardian of the Sands: Kha'Zix, Rammus, Skarner, Xerath

Cosmic: Kassadin, Master Yi, Rakan, Xayah, Xin Zhao, Lulu, Ashe

VS: God-King Darius, God-King Garen, Dawnbringer Riven, Nightbringer Yasuo

Things to Remember:

  • If you already own all the skins/receive a skin you already own, you will receive half the skin's Orange Essence value.

  • Rewards are cumulative! If you have already converted 200 RP for the first milestone/Commando series skin, you only need to convert 250 RP more for the second milestone/Worldbreaker series skin - that means by converting 2000 RP you will receive all of the bonus rewards!

  • Promotion is only available when you convert Garena Shells to RP, not when you purchase Garena Shells

    Top up RP now!