Ekko: Fan Art Contest Winners
Posted on 06/03/2015 by LoL PH Admin

Hi Summoners!

We were floored by the amount of talent our Pinoy League of Legends community! Take a look at these amazing Ekko fan art submissions!

Because of the overwhelming participation and the amount of awesome works we received, we decided to give out Ekko to more than just our finalists! If your submission is featured here, then congratulations! Ekko will be joining your pool of champions for free when he becomes available in our server.

Thank you for making time for our fan art contest. Watch out for more awesome events in the near future!

Ekko Fan Art Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner - Juhairah Espina Daksla
2nd Place Winner - Luigi B. Antonio
3rd Place Winner - Elisha Job G. Ramos

10 Honorable Entries

Ardrelee Czar G. Cartas
Clifford Dale Asco Domingo
John Paul A. Uy
Joseph Patrick A Rubio 
Luis Miguel Jocson
Philip Victor Angelo P. Sido
Raina Christine Villazor Lim
Raymund O. Marzan
Timothy H. Albano
Vicente D. Ramos III

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