Pool Party Top Up Promo

Greetings Summoners!

Starting now, from 00:00 AM 11 June until 11:59 PM 14 June GMT+8, top up & receive 35% bonus RP!

However you can only enjoy this extra special promotion 1 time each day - so choose the tier that you want to top up wisely and top up everyday! 

Please refer to the graphic below for more details:

Enjoy 35% bonus RP for one GS to RP conversion everyday, 11 Jun - 14 Jun!

Click here to top up now!

Some commonly asked questions:

  • Q: I purchased Garena Shells but didn't receive any bonus RP and/or items?
  • A: The bonus is only available when you convert GS to RP, not purchase GS.
    Also this promotion is only valid for one GS-RP conversion transaction per day.
  • Q: I converted GS into RP 5 minutes before this promotion... can I have the bonus?
  • A: Nope.
  • Q: Does it mean that if I want to earn the most RP out of this promotion, I should top up 3000 GS into 9075 RP every day?
  • A: Yes! 
  • Q: I accidentally top up the wrong tier of GS for RP! Can you revert my transaction please?
  • A: Strictly no - we are unable to revert any GS/RP transactions so please ensure that you choose the correct tier. 

For any issues encountered in relation to this event, please contact Garena customer support.