Ruined Tarot House

Stand to win the latest Sentinel skins in this new event - Ruined Tarot House!

Event Mechanics

1. Spend RP to flip a tarot card & receive it's corresponding reward!

- RP cost increases as you open more cards as such: 69,99,139,189,249,319,399,399 RP.

- Your first round is discounted as such: 49,79,109,159,229,309,399,399 RP!

2. There are 8 tarot cards corresponding to these rewards:

a. 1 Jewel 
b. 2 ~ 4 Jewels 
c. 2 ~ 5 Ruined Orbs 
d. Random Deluxe Skin 
e. Ruined Orb / Hextech Key x 2 / Hextech Chest x 2
f. Ruined Orb / Hextech Key x 2 / Hextech Chest x 2
g. Ruined Seige Bag
h. Ruined Seige Bag 

3. Accumulate jewels for milestone and jackpot rewards! 

Milestone rewards

- 5 Jewels: Ruined Orb 
- 8 Jewels: 3 x Ruined Orbs
- 15 Jewels: 10 x Ruined Orbs 

Selectable jackpot reward

- 4 Jewels: 5 x Ruined Orbs / Epic Skin of Choice / the latest Sentinels skinline

4. You can reset all your tarot cards anytime using RP - milestone and jackpot will NOT be reset. 

- RP reset costs increases each round: 29,99,129,149,199 RP max. 

To view the event, simply click on the TAROT HOUSE button in the client.

Try your luck in the client from now until 29 July 11:59 PM GMT+8!

For any issues encountered in relation to this event, please contact Garena customer support.