Temporarily Disabling Milestones

Update 12 May
Due to the deactivation of Eclipse Knights Showcase Milestones, Prestige Senna will remain in the Mythic Shop for an extended period of time (until the end of 12.11 patch) to make sure you have more time to acquire additional mythic essence.

Effective 12.8 we're temporarily disabling Loot Milestones in Garena regions due to a critical bug found in granting rewards. This will affect both Masterwork Milestones and the upcoming Eclipse Knights Showcase Milestones.

This is currently estimated to last until Patch 12.11 while we find a solution.


Addressing the Eclipse Knights Showcase Milestones

Given this timeline, the Eclipse Knights Showcase Milestones will unfortunately not be available for Garena regions. All Eclipse Knights skins and loot can still be purchased as normal, including capsules, but opening capsules will not count for the Eclipse Knights Showcase Milestones. Please note that any Eclipse capsules earned or purchased during this period or in the future will not count towards future capsule milestones progression. 


Missions will also be unaffected during this time, so you’ll still be able to participate in the missions that give 1 Eclipse Capsule and 1 Eclipse Grab Bag.


Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna will still be available for purchase in the Mythic Shop for 125 ME until May 13 at 04:00 SGT. With the Showcase Milestones being disabled, we know it’ll be difficult to gather the Mythic Essence required to get the skin from the Shop, so we’re currently considering ways that we can address this for players. More information will be shared in a future article.


We acknowledge that players will be missing out on the rewards given at each checkpoint, so we’ve decided on a few changes:

  • The Eclipse Knight 2022 Icon, which is the reward for opening 1 capsule in the Showcase Milestones track, will instead be available for purchase in the Store for only 1 Blue Essence.

  • The Prestige Eclipse Knight Senna Emote, which is the reward for opening 3 capsules, will be available for purchase in the store for 350 RP.


Update on Masterwork Milestones Progression

One of the biggest issues with this bug is that progression was not being properly tracked. Due to this, all progression in the Masterwork Milestones track will be reset once the fix is implemented to ensure that the issue is fully resolved. This means that any Masterwork chests opened during this period will not count towards future progression, so we recommend saving your chests until the fix is implemented. 


We know this is not the best experience for players who were looking forward to making progress on their milestones, especially those who already made progress -- so we’re currently discussing the best way to make this up to players. We’ll be following up soon with more information on a separate article.