MSI Pick' Em

Update 13 May 2022: Due to Riot's technical issues in the ongoing MSI events, the three matches involving RNG that were already completed before today need to be replayed.


Those replayed matches will not affect the results players have already made. The three replayed matches will also be handled in the same way as the tiebreaker, which means that no additional predictions will be opened for these three games.


For more details, please refer to the lolesports article 

MSI 2022 is about to begin and we are bringing you the prediction event that you all love - where you can tons of freebies for predicting the outcomes correctly!

The entire event is free to play so be sure to submit your predictions before the Lock-In time for each day.

To view this event - click on the PICK' EM button in the game client.

6 May ~ 31 May 11:59 PM GMT+8

1. Place your predictions for each game in MSI 2022!
2. Earn rewards based on how many successful predictions you've made each day.
If there are multiple BO5 in a day, rewards are calculated for each BO5.
I.E. You can earn one reward per BO5.
3. BO1: Predict the winning team.
4. BO5: Predict the winning team for first 3 games. 
5. For the 4th & 5th game, you need to predict the winning team OR a no-game.
E.G. A 3-0 BO5 will result in a no-game for the 4th & 5th game.
6. Not placing a prediction is the same as failing a prediction.
BO1: Predictions will close and be locked in 1 hour before the game.
BO5: Predictions will close and be locked in 1 hour before game 1 for the whole BO5 series.
7. If there are multiple BO5 in a day, predictions will close and be locked in 1 hour before game 1 of the first BO5 in that day for ALL the BO5 series in that day.

Earn additional rewards based on your total successful predictions in this event!

Total ✔️ PredictsCumulative Reward
12022 PCS Spring Icon
10Eyes Up Icon
15Pay Attention Icon
20It's You! Emote
30What? Emote
35Eventful Party Emote
40Nice Draw Emote

1. Rewards will differ based on the games available on the day.
2. You will receive reward based on your total successful predictions for that day (BO1) or series (BO5).
E.G. For predicting 5 out of 8 BO1 games successfully will earn you the reward for 5 successful predictions.
You will not receive the rewards for 1~4 successful predictions.

1. There are NO boost mechanics in this event.
2. Game results will be updated within 24 hours.
3. You can only claim your rewards after the game results have been updated.
4. Remakes are not counted into win games for boost activations.
5. Tie-breakers are not included in this event.
6. Please claim all your rewards before the event ends on 31 May 11:59PM GMT+8!

For any questions and/or issues encountered in relation to this event, please contact Garena customer support.