Loot Milestone FAQ

Introduction to Loot Milestones

Is there anything better than opening Loot rewards and getting more rewards!? We agree! And that’s what Loot Milestones are all about. Loot Milestones are a new progression and bonus rewards system.

What are Loot Milestones?

Simply put, players will now receive additional rewards and loot for opening multiple Masterwork Chests and multiple Showcase Capsules.

Loot Milestones come in two different forms, each with their own progress bar:

  1. Masterwork Milestones: Escalating rewards for opening multiple Masterwork Chests. There’s no time restriction on how many you need to open in order to earn the highest tier reward.

  2. Showcase Milestones: Escalating rewards for opening multiple of the same Showcase Capsule within a specific window of time.

Masterwork Chests have long been craftable for 1 Gemstone (now 10 Mythic Essence) and available for direct purchase for 165 RP. Showcase Capsules, on the other hand, can only be purchased for 750 RP.

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What are Showcase Capsules?

“Showcase Capsules” are exclusive Loot Capsules available for purchase only during Showcases. Opening a Capsule results in 3 random skin shards and each also has a chance to contain a Grab Bag with additional skin shards.

What kinds of Loot increase Loot Milestones progress?

Only Masterwork Chests and Showcase Capsules (of the same theme) affect Milestone progress. 

What are Masterwork Milestones?

Every time you open a Masterwork Chest, you’ll earn progress towards your Masterwork Milestones. Masterwork Milestones are a reliable place to earn more Mythic Essence, as well as guaranteed skin shards throughout.  

The Masterwork Milestone track is a repeating loop with no time limit. Players complete the cycle after opening 25 Masterwork Chests, then the tracker resets with the same selection of progress rewards:

  • 5 Chests: 5 Mythic Essence + a random skin shard

  • 10 Chests: 5 Mythic Essence

  • 15 Chests: 5 Mythic Essence + a 975+ skin shard 

  • 20 Chests: 5 Mythic Essence

  • 25 Chests: 5 Mythic essence + a 1350+ skin shard

Info callout: Masterwork Milestone rewards are Click-to-Claim, so be sure to check your progress often!

A note about changes to Masterwork Chest drop rates:

Prior to Patch 12.07

Mythic Essence Update (March 29 - April 14)

Masterwork Milestone Update (April 14 and onward)

Base drop rate with “bad luck protection”




Drop rate with bonus chests




*The bonus chest drops from the past have now shifted to the Milestone track as guaranteed rewards!

What are Showcase Milestones?

Everytime you open a Showcase Capsule, you’ll earn progress towards your Showcase Milestones.

Unlike Masterwork Milestones, Showcase Milestones are non-repeating, limited time events. Players will have approximately 2 Patches to complete their Showcase Milestones and claim all their rewards:

  • 1 Capsule: Exclusive Icon

  • 3 Capsules: Exclusive Emote + 5 Mythic Essence + Random Champion Permanent

  • 5 Capsules: Random Showcase Skin Permanent (1350 RP) + 15 Mythic Essence

  • 10 Capsules: Random Showcase Skin Permanent (1350 RP) + 20 Mythic Essence

  • 15 Capsules: Random Showcase Skin Permanent (1350 RP) + 25 Mythic Essence

  • 20 Capsules: Random Showcase Skin Permanent (1350 RP) + 1 Grab Bag + 30 Mythic Essence

  • 25 Capsules: 2 Grab Bags + 30 Mythic Essence

These rewards may change in the future, so always be sure to check your client for the latest info!

Info callout: Showcase Milestone rewards are Click-to-Claim and cannot be claimed after the Showcase Milestone has expired, so claim rewards as soon as they are ready!

Where can I track my Loot Milestone progress?

  1. Click into your Loot tab via the upper navigation bar of your League Client

  2. In your Materials section, click the Masterwork Chest icon or a Showcase Capsule

  3. You’ll now see your total Milestone progress to the lower right, where you can also choose to open all your currently held Masterwork Chests and Showcase Capsules

Where do I get Showcase Capsules?

Showcase Capsules can be purchased directly from the Store for 750 RP per capsule.

How long do I have to complete a Showcase Capsule Milestone?

Timing will vary slightly Showcase to Showcase. Always check your client for the final timing and related details. There’s an on-screen timer in the same place you check your Showcase Milestone progress.