Warrior Shield

Event Info

1. Select a reward of your choice to be shuffled into 1 of the 9 shields.
2. Spend RP to unlock 1 or 3 shields to receive its corresponding rewards and a random amount (1~100) of Energy Crystals!
- RP cost to unlock 1 Shield: 79, 79, 79, 109, 109, 109, 119, 129, 129. [Based on how many shields you've unlocked]
- RP cost to unlock 3 Shields: 229, 249, 269, 289, 309, 329, 349. [Based on how many shields you've unlocked]
- Your very first unlock is discounted - choose wisely, either to unlock 1 or 3 shields!
- Click on PRIZES on the right to view what are the other 8 random rewards that you can get from unlocking the shields.
3. You can use 49 RP to reset all the shields anytime - your Energy Crystals will NOT reset.
4. Accumulate 100 Energy Crystals to receive Ascended Pantheon Prestige Edition or Obsidian Dragon Sett Prestige Edition!

To view the event, simply click on the WARRIOR SHIELD button in the client.

Available in the client from now until 11 JULY 11:59 PM (GMT+8)!

Things to Note

1. You will get the champion for free if you do not own the champion.
2. You will receive 5x/13x MSI 2022 High Noon Orbs if you already own the selected Epic/Prestige skin. 
3. The Ascended Pantheon Prestige Edition and Obsidian Dragon Sett Prestige Edition come with its respective border and icon.
4. This event is not applicable with League of Legends' store refund policy so please make sure you understand the event rules before committing!

For any issues encountered in relation to this event, please contact Garena customer support.