"Rampage" isn't rampage enough without the cosplayers bringing the League champions to life!

To make sure the cosplayers are witnessed and to keep things hyped up for the fans, Rampage 2017 brings lots of cosplay activities for the notable cosplayers to be challenged and for fans to cheer on the best and the coolest when it comes to making the League of Legends champions a reality.

  • General Cosplay Guide
    Must Read
  • Cosplay Clash Duo
    (Main Event)
  • Honorable Wandering


This is for cosplay contestants and free-roamers.

Rules and Conduct

  1. All cosplayers and their assistants should each have their own tickets.
  2. Cosplay weapons, arms and other related sharp props should be in a soft material, metal parts of the costumes should not be sharp.All items tagged as dangerous/hazardous/lethal by the event marshals/staff/volunteers should be surrendered to them.
  3. Practice decency, cosplayers should make sure their private parts are well covered and secured.

Incentives Given to Qualified Cosplayers

  1. Special event entrance separated from the general crowd entry. (Should present a ticket.)
  2. Have an assistant to also have an access on the special entrance. (Should present a ticket.)
  3. Entry to hangout area where they can dress up, rest, leave their stuffs, etc.
  4. Are serviced and attended well by cosplay-centric event volunteers.
  5. Able to register on Honorable Wandering Champions contest.
  6. Are given in-game rewards: 200RP + random Chroma Pack Champion Skin.

To avail of the listed incentives, cosplayers should be registered and receive an identity number at the cosplay registration booth.

For cosplay related questions and queries you can send email to cosplayclash2017@gmail.com with subject of QQ: [Your question or queries].


This is for aspiring contestants wanting to perform a 1 to 2-minute duo skit on the main stage.


  • PHP 40,000 - Grand Prize
    Professional Photoshoot Package from Moonstruck Creatives
  • PHP 20,000 - 1st Runner-Up
  • PHP 20,000 - 2nd Runner-Up
  • PHP 10,000 - 3rd Runner-Up
  • PHP 5,000 - 5th to 20th place
  • 1000 RP to all the top 20 selected duos performing on stage

How To Join

Registration Via Email:

  1. Participants interested to join should send us an email registration until July 14, 2017 only. Participants are encouraged to register earlier than the said deadline so we can check and provide tips on how you can maximize the stage for your actual performance.
  2. Participants should register 2 LoL cosplayers and up to 8 stage assistants (optional) to enhance their stage performance. Genderbent cosplays are prohibited, crossdressing however, is allowed.
  3. 20 of the best participants based on the sent email and online interview will be shortlisted to perform on stage. The selected-20 will be announced on LoL PH FB page on the 21st of July. The selected-20 will also be notified via e-mail.
  4. The Cosplay Clash program will start approximately 12:00 noon. For attendance and good-to-go signal, the 20 selected duo should be at the event and confirmed ready by 11:00 AM.

Registration Email Details: (For uniformity of content and to avoid confusion, copy and paste the sample below then edit it.)

  • Email Address: cosplayclash2017@gmail.com
  • Subject: (replace [nickname] with your own).
    Cosplay Clash 2017 Entry: [nickname] and [nickname]
  • Email Content: (replace sample data with your own).
    Name 1: [Juan dela Cruz]
    Cosplaying as: [Classic Jarvan]
    Mobile No.: [0999-123-4567]
    Garena+ / Garena PC UID: [1234567]
    Complete Address: [5 Kennedy Drive, Pleasant View Subd., Tandang Sora, Quezon City]
    Name 2: [Juan dela Cruz]
    Cosplaying as: [Classic Jarvan]
    Mobile No.: [0999-123-4567]
    Garena+ / Garena PC UID: [1234567]
    Complete Address: [5 Kennedy Drive, Pleasant View Subd., Tandang Sora, Quezon City]
    Performance/Skit Idea: [Give us an idea of what you’re going to do on the stage in at least a paragraph or two. Although the competing is a duo-type, the main cosplayers can actually have lots of assistants forming a team, stage assistants should wear black. At the end of the paragraph you can add which color of general stage lighting you want, if none or if you have no idea, the organizer will be the one to choose for you. This will reflect on your chances of being selected.]
    Link of photos, videos and music to be used:
    	Photos: [link], [link]
    	YouTube: [link], [link]

Stage Detail and Stage Time

  • Each of the duo teams will be called to perform a 1 to 2-minute duo skit on the main stage. Cosplay Clash program ends after all the participants have completed their performance.
  • Limit your space within a 6x6 meter space. That way we can avoid everyone from falling off the stage and we can also make sure you’re within our camera and lighting range.

Judging Mechanics

  1. Costume Quality
    - While on standby for the stage performance, the judges will check for the quality of your costumes. This involves the materials used, how it is made or put up together, etc.
  2. Cosplay Accuracy
    - The judges will be grading on how close your costume is to the real champion skins.
  3. Size / Build Proportiony
    - The judges will be grading your body build with the costume on. The more fitting your figure is to the champion, the better. Example: An Annie that is partnered with a smaller Garen will have less points on this criteria.
  4. Stage Play Performance
    - This includes how good your execution, props used, preparation, story telling, audio timing and everything else that contributes to the wow factor of the audiences.

Check the actual judge’s form HERE. Best of luck!

Note: All Cosplay Clash Duo participants are also entitled to join the Honorable Wandering Champions contest and are encouraged to be present as early as 8:00 AM for the registration and preparations.
Cosplay Clash Duo participants shall be given complimentary breakfast and lunch.

Disclaimer: Cosplay Clash Duo mechanics are subject to changes without notice.


A Rampage 2017 roaming cosplayer contest incentive. Be a winner for simply and casually being the best looking cosplayers roaming around the Rampage 2016 event halls!


  • PHP 5,000 - 5 Grand Prize winners
  • PHP 3,000 - 15 selected runner-ups

All registered cosplayers will automatically receive 200 RP and a random Classic Chroma Pack Champion Skin inserted straight to their LoL account.

Note: Winners and runner ups should stay until the awarding program to receive their cash prize!

How To Join


1. Simply go to the Special Entrance for Cosplayers located at the left part of World Trade Center, together with your Rampage 2017 Tickets, your Costumes and assistants.

*It is important that you bring your costume with you on the line. If you don’t have your costume with you, you are not allowed to enter the Special Entrance.

2. Your costume will be verified to see if you are allowed to join the event contest (HWC). (Semi-Cosplays will not be able to register.) After the verification, use the nearby washroom to prepare and wear your costume then proceed to the next area to get yourself registered in the event. Answer the form to get your contestant number. Further instructions will be provided by our staff after submitting the form.

*If the washrooms are full. You can sit in the nearby chairs and wait until the area is not packed with people. You cannot use the washrooms inside the event to change.

Registration is strictly only up until 2PM. After the said time, you won’t be able to register or join the event.

Phase One: Pre-judging
- Registered Honorable Wandering Champion contestants will be screened on the spot for the purpose of listing down the better half and the most eligible ones to proceed to the second phase.

Phase Two: Panel Judging
- All cosplayers who passed the pre-judging phase will be told to be ready by 4PM for the panel judging. Cosplayers, turn by turn will be asked to step in stage set-up with lights. Cosplayers will then act, pose and or the likes within a given one to two minutes while being judged and picture taken by photographers.

Criteria for Judging

  1. Craftsmanship / Quality
    - We look at the stitching, materials used and fit, and whether if your costume is handmade or store bought. Handmade costumes is a plus here.
  2. Accuracy
    - We will be checking on how close your costume, hair, makeup and props until the very tiniest details are to the character you’re cosplaying as.
  3. Presentation
    - The goal is to look as close as possible as your character, this includes poses, and body motions. Be the Character.
  4. Proportion
    - We want our character to be as fit as the character you are cosplaying. This is for the Size Ratio of the Character and the Cosplayer.

Check the actual judge’s form HERE. Best of luck!

Disclaimer: Honorable Wandering Champion mechanics are subject to changes without notice.

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