Enjoy the Rampage festivities all while playing League as we bring you the Rampage Play Zone Internet Cafe and LAN Party. Click on any of the buttons below for more info:

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Enjoy playing League in any of the 250+ PC units available at the newly added Rampage Play Zone found on the 2nd floor Function rooms at the World Trade Center together with your fellow Summoners. Check out below for more details:

  • Rental rate (per hr): To be announced.
  • Open on July 30, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • Foods (snacks & drinks) allowed within the area.
  • Only League of Legends PH game allowed within the Play Zone.

But wait, there’s more! You can now bring in your own laptop or PC as well and be part of the Rampage 2017 LAN Party and we’ll provide all your electrical and internet connection needs! Show off your cool rigs and lightning fast PC master race weapons on the biggest League of Legends event in the Philippines this year. You can check out the details below on how you can join on the Rampage LAN party.

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  • Interested attendees to the LAN Party would need to pre-register by filling up this FORM
  • Confirmed attendees will be notified via email and/or SMS should they qualify. Please note that there would only be 40 slots available for the LAN Party and would be filled up on a first come first served basis..
  • Each attendee can bring the following into the LAN Party Hall.
    • Laptop or even your PC setups
    • Gaming peripherals
    • Gaming chairs (if any)
    • Stuff toys / other accessories to be included on the station setup
    • Snacks and drinks
  • Each confirmed attendee would be allowed to nominate at most three (3) individuals / friends who can receive access to their station. Only those on this list can gain access to their personal area.
  • Confirmed attendees should be free to conduct ingress or setup of their area on July 29, 2017 - Saturday from 3 PM to 8 PM only (details of the ingress will be sent directly to the confirmed attendees via email). Egress or pull-out of units will be on July 30, 2017 - Sunday at 8 PM to 10 PM only.
  • Garena will provide the following for confirmed LAN Party attendees:
    • Basic table and chairs
    • Power outlets and electrical requirements
    • LAN Cable or WiFi access
    • Assorted snacks and drinks
    • Free Rampage mousepad
    • LoL client installation needs
    • Basic security and IT assistance

The organizer will not be responsible for lost items outside the designated function rooms. The organizer however, will give their best assistance for the retrieval of lost items.


  1. I have my set up on stand by, can I leave without the worrying for my belongings?
    • There will be assigned volunteer and IT to watch out on everyone’s set up. However, we highly encourage that you do not leave cash, small valuables and belongings behind.
  2. Can I set up more than one PC?
    • Yes you can set up more that one PC. It would be great if you can fill up the FORM for us to be able to adjust ahead for the space to be provided.
  3. I have a laptop/unit that has no LoL client installed. Is this possible to ask assistance for installation from Garena during the event?
    • Yes, we would be more than happy to assist you on installing your LoL client.
  4. Can I bring and set up my desktop PC?
    • You can bring in your desktop PC but we highly recommend that you bring laptops instead for easier handling.
  5. Where do I proceed if I would want to set up instead on the day of the event?
    • Confirmed attendees of the LAN Party can enter the venue directly through the VIP entrance starting 6 AM of the event day.
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