Worlds Hits the Rift

For those who compete on the World Championship stage, the pursuit of mastery begins with four pillars.

Chase Your Legend





Complete Weekly Missions

In-game missions based on these four pillars will be available for the duration of the tournament. Complete them to earn Worlds Tokens and unlock exclusive in-game rewards! Since the World Championship is all about crowning the best team in the world, take inspiration from pro players' competitive spirit and tackle more challenging missions than you've ever seen before.


Craft Worlds Loot

Tokens can be used to forge event icons, a limited edition Championship Ashe loading screen border/chroma, and more. You can earn tokens from September 22 to November 05 - they will expire on December 04.

15 Blue Essence

5 Worlds Tokens

Key Fragment

20 Worlds Tokens

Worlds Orb

80 Worlds Tokens

Worlds Legacy Orb

100 Worlds Tokens

Championship Ashe Icon and Border

120 Worlds Tokens

Championship Ashe Golden Chroma and 2017 Golden Championship Ward

320 Worlds Tokens

Up The Ante

Purchase a Worlds Master Pass to unlock the 2017 Worlds Master Icon, a rare gemstone, and 2 extra missions per week (a total of 12 extra missions).

Championship Ashe

Ashe is among the select few champions who are as iconic in esports as they are in solo queue. This year, she'll be donning the Championship armor for Worlds.

As in the past, 25% of all Championship Ashe revenue goes straight to the Worlds prize pool. What's new is Riot matching that 25% and sending it straight to three amazing charities. Learn more about our Worlds charities here.

This skin will return to the store every year during Worlds, but the icon and loading screen border will only be available this year. 2017 is also your best chance to unlock her Golden Chroma and Ward, which will become legacy content following the tournament; note that you'll need to either complete Worlds Master Pass missions or pick up extra tokens from Hextech Chests bundles from Oct 24th - Nov 5th to hit 320 Worlds Tokens.

Championship Ashe will be available in the store for 250 RP from September 18 to November 05.

Icons and Emotes

There's no better way to show your team colors than flashing their logo over fallen enemies. Team icons and emotes will return to the store for 2017, and this time, emotes will be permanent! From the start of the tournament until October 24, you'll be able to pick up your favorite team's icon and emote in a bundle. As an added bonus, when you equip a team icon during Worlds, their tag will be added to your summoner name in-game.

The Worlds 2017 Legend Emote and Icon will also be available in the store. They'll have the same bundle/individual pricing, and will never return, so don't miss out!

Legacy, Sales, and Promos

Mystery Items

Mystery Items will be purchasable from October 4 - October 24 at 14:59 PHT. They include:

Mystery Skin: 59 RP

Pentakill and Baron Steal Promotions

Pentakill and Baron steal promotions are back for Worlds 2017. If a player secures a Pentakill or steals Baron, you'll get double the chance of Legendaries and Esports skins in Mystery Items through the end of that stage. This bonus stacks with each trigger, up to 4x per stage!

Worlds Orbs

Worlds Orbs will become purchasable from October 24 - November 06.

Worlds Orb: 35 RP

  • Random Skin Shard
  • Bonus Drops - Orb/Gemstone/Hextech Exclusive Shard

Worlds Legacy Orb: 45 RP

  • Random Legacy Skin Shard
  • Bonus Drops - Orb/Gemstone/Hextech Exclusive Shard

10 Pack of Worlds Orbs

(+1 bonus Worlds Orb): 350 RP

10 Pack of Worlds Legacy Orbs

(+1 bonus Worlds Legacy Orb): 450 RP

Esports Skins

Esports skins are coming back to the store. You'll be able to pick up the Championship, Challenger, and Team Champions skin lines from September 14 up until November 10, along with the following bundles:

Championship Bundle

All of the past Championship skins

800 RP

(1,090 RP with Champions)

Challenger and Conqueror Bundle

Our two past Challenger skins

400 RP

(500 RP with Champions)

Role Bundles

To honor past Worlds champions, we're bringing you role bundles up to 40% off - featuring Fnatic, TPA, SKT T1 and SSW.

Worlds 2017 Top Bundle:

608 RP (838 RP with Champions)

Worlds 2017 Jungle Bundle:

808 RP (1,088 RP with Champions)

Worlds 2017 Mid Bundle:

728 RP (1,048 RP with Champions)

Worlds 2017 Bot Bundle:

656 RP (996 RP with Champions)

Worlds 2017 Support Bundle:

656 RP (846 RP with Champions)

Map Accents

On broadcast days, you'll see some festive Worlds decor adorning the Rift.


Pick'em is back for 2017! It's the best time of year to show off your esports savvy and go head-to-head against friends. Brackets will open following completion of the Play-In Stage.

Fill out your bracket before both the Group and Knockout stages for a chance to win exclusive Pick'em Poro icons, Worlds Tokens, or even a full set of Ultimate skins for the perfect set of picks.